ISO 17100 Translation Services Management System

International requirements translation agency

ISO 17100 focuses specifically on companies that provide translation services. Any company that provides these services and is ISO 17100 certified demonstrates that the services it provides meet the international requirements in this area. Because all processes within the organisation are audited, ISO 17100 certification demonstrates quality, continuous improvement and reliability.

With the ISO 17100 certification, an organisation proves that the translation services are performed using a controlled and continuously improved process. The ISO 17100 standard sets requirements for the entire translation process. These requirements cover the preparation of quotations and invoices, the deployment of qualified translators and the resources used. Customers are given the guarantee that the services provided by organisations with an ISO 17100 certificate meet the required quality standards.

Does an ISO 17100 certificate have advantages?

An ISO 17100 certificate certainly has advantages! Almost all tenders for translation services require ISO 17100 certification, so with certification you will never miss a tender again. You prove to your customer that the services delivered meet the right quality standards and parties seeking collaboration know that the services and translators are of the right quality. There is a clear structure because the standard covers the entire process of translation services.

Combining standards is possible

ISO 17100 is a standard which is often combined with ISO 9001. Due to the structure of both standards, the management systems can be fully integrated. If you want to implement both standards within your company, it is best to do this at the same time. This will save you not only money but also time. At the same time, you will be able to put your translation agency in a more favourable position in the market.

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