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WQM Certification

WQM Certification Ltd. is a fully accredited, third party certification body providing certification of Quality Management Systems

WQM is one of the most reliable service providers assisting various companies to acquire all types of quality certifications.
We provide required training which helps to implement various quality certifications.

Our Services

World Wide Certification

Providing ISO quality certificates and system certification services, we ensure your business’s quality and reliability. Prove your compliance with international standards.

Providing CE and Halal product certification services, we ensure your quality and reliability. Prove your products’ compliance with international standards.

We conduct interactive trainings on all managerial issues that an organization or individual may need through expert trainers


Our Management Systems Certification processes are accredited by global standards.

Our Philosophy

Improve the standards of service response
Do things right the first time and every time
Improve the standards of knowledge management



To be the first choice of all existing & potential customers for classification and certification services and technical solutions, globally.

Each case for us is unique
People are our ultimate resource



Innovation & creativity
Excellence in all pursuits
Professional development of employees
Respect for business associatesList item
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